Coachella 2003

Tentacle sessions

Show the Love

Androgenus Ball 

Soul Sallaam Halloween

"Cultureworks, The Institute of Relaivity Studies " a play by Brian Shapiro

Directed by Facility 3's Deborah Davis-Price @ The Brava Theatre


Facility 3 is a multi-use art studio for diverse mediums. Since its conception in 1997 Facility 3 has functioned as a working studio for 100's of artists and opened its doors to all types of events ranging from visual art, theater, filmaking, dance, musical performances, fashion and more. Fueled by the vision of installation artist Joe Mangrum and numerous others, Facility 3 has become known for its unique space, its welcoming atmosphere and limitless opportunities to transform and create the most astonishing environments. It is truly a space where artist support artists in their visions and the freedom to create is given top priority.

Through an unfortunate sequence of events Facility 3's space has closed its doors and currently searching for a new home. In the meantime I hope to hold Facility 3 events around town in temporary spaces. Please stay tuned to the list and Hope to see you soon.


Joe Mangrum


1999-2003 Joe Mangrum/Facility 3 All rights reserved. You may view and download the materials posted in this site for personal, informational and noncommercial use only. The contents of this site may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of Facility 3 and the respective artists represented . All artwork, prints, sculptures, and photographs by Joe Mangrum/Dave Umlas /and artists of Facility 3 1999-2003 All Rights Reserved. For information about reproducing the images of facility 3, found on this website, please send a written request to : Facility 3 Archives 1850 Cesar Chavez Bldg. #3 San Francisco Ca 94124
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